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Enhance The Quality of Music With CD Mastering

on Friday, 25 October 2013. cd mastering

CD Mastering is a very deft and important job that needs to be performed if you want to enhance the quality of a music CD. It is basically an editing exercise that is carried out to rid those parts of the songs that don’t sound right and simultaneously increasing or enhancing the quality of those bits that have a good sound to them.

The task of mastering a CD is not for people that are not trained for this. It is a very difficult job that requires the editor to have full knowledge of the software and equipment that would be required for fine tuning the songs on a CD and converting it into a master disc. The following are the processes that are involved in the process.

Assembly Editing and Sweetening

Assembly editing and sweetening are among the two most important processes involved in mastering a CD.

  • In the assembly editing phase, the editor balances the synchronization of the songs.
  • The beginning and ending parts of the song are faded to remove any sort of noises.
  • Sweetening is the stage when the editor starts placing special effects in to the songs.
  • Each layer of the song is given a makeover in the sweetening process.

Both assembly editing and sweetening are critical phases of CD mastering which decide how the final output would look like.

Final Output

Final Output is the last stage of mastering a CD where it is decided whether the CD would be duplicated or replicated.

For duplication purposes, the mastered CD is converted to a CD-ROM that can be played on any CD player.

For replication purposes, the mastered CD is shifted on to a glass master disc so that copies can be made using the replication machines.

The final output is the phase in which the fruits of the mastering process are harvested in the shape of the mastered CD. Since CD mastering is a very technical job it is better to hire experts for this purpose. MaxDuplication has proven track record in CD mastering. You can call us at 020-8492-3723 to find out how we can help you with your requirements.

How to Get Your Music Published - a Guide for Unsigned Bands and DIY Musicians

on Thursday, 31 October 2013. audio mastering, cd duplication, cd mastering, cd replication

The music industry is not a place for the light hearted. Even signed bands and musicians find it hard to sell their music here. In such circumstances, for the unsigned bands and DIY musicians to have their music published sounds an overwhelmingly difficult task.

Although publishing music is not a very simple task, it is a manageable one if you are well versed with the new technologies. Utilizing the internet and the social media space can help a musician to get his music popular among the people and create a buzz, which would then make it easier for him to publish and sell his music in the market.

Importance of Social Media and having a Website

For DIY musicians wanting to get their music published, the best possible way is to get attuned with the latest trends in online world, which is known as social media.

  • Come up with a website where you can upload your music.
  • Build up Facebook fan pages or Twitter accounts to gather more fans and followers of your music.
  • Upload the videos of your songs on YouTube.

Using the power of the web to get your music heard is a great way of ensuring that your music becomes popular among the people in the least time possible. This would provide you the chance to sell your music in the market even if you don’t have an agent.

Online Music Distributors

Just like using the cyber space for making your songs popular, you can use websites and collaborate with online music distributors to get your music published.

  • Online websites like Amazon offer budding musicians the chance to sell their music in exchange for a small fee.
  • Online music distributors like CD Baby and TuneCore offer unsigned bands publishing services via the internet.

Making use of the internet and online music distributors is an excellent means of publishing music which will eventually lead to more profits in the long run. DIY musicians wanting to get their voices heard and music published should waste no time in contacting MaxDuplication at 020-8492-3723. The professionals at MaxDuplication can help you with CD mastering, CD duplication, to name a few.