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What You Need to Know about CD/DVD Duplication in the UK

on Tuesday, 09 October 2012. cd duplication, cd duplication uk, dvd duplication, dvd duplication uk

If you have a master CD or DVD and you want copies of your disc made, you need to know how to get professional CD/DVD duplication in the UK. Today, the easiest way to get the expert service that you deserve is by ordering your copies via the World Wide Web.

The best UK CD duplication and replication companies will offer a host of CD printing and duplication services, and these companies will make it really easy for you to set up a duplication job through your own computer . Most of these services offer fast, free quotations, so it will be quite simple to shop around for a great deal.

Once you’ve found a reputable provider, you’ll be ready to place your order. At this point, you will mail your master CD or DVD to the company and then wait for your copies to be mailed to you. As you can see, the process of finding high-quality CD/DVD replication in the UK is not complicated. Many providers offer excellent prices and money-back guarantees to their clients.

How the Process Works?

CD/DVD duplication is the process of using blank CD-R discs and printing and duplicating your data on to them. CD/DVD replication begins when a glass master is made from your original disc. To create the glass master, which will be used to make all of your copies, UK CD replication technicians strip the master, clean it, dry it, and cover it with special primer. Then, the disc is baked before being exposed to lasers. This durable “glass” master may be used repeatedly to make plenty of copies. At this point, the glass master is utilized to create stampers which are put in the duplicator machine. CD copies mare made through hydraulic pressure and high-quality media discs.CD Duplication is for lower volumes and CD Replication is for high volume projects.

The second stage is the CD printing. Where depending on the quantity, either inkjet, thermal, offset or litho printing will be used.

Now that you know more about CD/DVD duplication in the UK, you’ll be ready to select the process and provider that is best for your needs and personal budget. By choosing a reputable provider with an excellent business reputation, you’ll get the quality that you need, without any hassle.