Introduction to CD / DVD Duplication

on Monday, 15 October 2012. Posted in General

If you’re curious about how CDs and DVDs may be duplicated, you’ll enjoy this introduction to CD/DVD duplication. By detailing the most common methods of copying these discs, we’ll de-mystify the process so it’s much easier to understand.

The Three Methods of CD/DVD Duplication

Typically, CD duplication and DVD duplication are performed in one of three ways. The first way is via your own home computer. For example, if you have a master CD and you want a few more copies of it, you may use your PC’s CD burner to create these copies. However, this process doesn’t work too well if you need more than a few copies. Overall, it’s a pretty time-consuming and laborious way to do CD/DVD duplication.

The second method of CD printing happens when people use their own CD duplicator machines to create copies of master discs. These machines aren’t budget-friendly options, unless you tend to need CD and DVD copies on a regular basis. These machines work the same way that photocopiers do, providing users with copies that are usually of very good quality. However, the cost of buying a machine may not be wise financial investment for many people who want to burn some CDs or DVDs from home. Since these machines aren’t cheap, it’s often smarter to hire a company to do the job for you.

The third method of CD/DVD duplication is getting copies made through a professional CD/DVD duplication company. These companies will use your original disc to create perfect duplicates of your master using expensive burning towers which are not cost effective for the home user.

Why Not Let a Professional CD Duplication Company Do the Work for You?

Since the best CD printing companies have all of the right equipment, as well as the skills to get the job done right, they are able to create small, medium or large batches of CD/DVD copies very quickly and efficiently. Typically, orders for CD/DVD replication may be placed online. Once a client has accepted a quotation for services and confirmed his or her order, they will send in the master disc and any artwork.

Now that you know more about CD/DVD duplication, you’ll be ready to decide which process is best for your personal needs.