How to Convert from MP3, Waves and DDP to Audio?

on Friday, 03 May 2013. Posted in General

Different audio equipment and software is responsive to different types of files. If you are unsure about what file structure your equipment is compatible with, converting your sound to a standard audio file can be helpful.

Audio files can easily be loaded onto a flash drive or stored on a CD. You can play these files with a variety of devices without the fear that they will become corrupted or fail to load properly.

Converting MP3s

MP3s are condensed so allow for easier burning, but you may need to alter this format to ensure your files are playable with your stereo equipment.

  • Download all files to a software program that supports MP3s such as Windows Media Player and arrange them as desired.
  • When you go to burn a new copy of your CD, burn it as an audio CD rather than an MP3 format. This will create a more uniform formatting that is compatible with most other software and will play on CD players.

In order to use this method, you will be creating a physical disc for your files. Have a CD on hand that you can use to collect the data. If you would like a digital version of these audio files, they can be re-uploaded from the disk as necessary.

Converting a Wave

Wave or WAV files are easily converted to a variety of file types, due to their simple formatting structure.

  • There are several free wave converter programs available online that allow you to convert these files to MP3s, AC3s, AAC, MP4 and other file types as needed.

Unlike some other conversions, you can usually turn audio files back into wave files if you find it necessary. There are a wide range of conversion options with this type of media that give you plenty of options for your product.

Converting DDP

In many cases DDP is used for data, but there are ways to use these files for audio as well.

  • Most Dolby Digital files can be converted automatically when they are imported into any sort of audio project.
  • In some cases Nero can be used to convert images to an audio format, but this will typically require a more professional approach to complete.
  • Some other programs including Burning Rom, Disc Description Protocol, Wave Editor and Sountrax can be used to alter DDP files as necessary.
  • Many formats of DDP files are similar to ISO or .nrg files and can be treated as such. You can often run these files through a zip file and burn them as necessary.

Before attempting to make any changes to your files, determine what file type your software is intended to work with. Also ensure that you have a saved copy of the original in case you need to return to the original file for editing.