Gwenolye Duirwoods Uses Sound for Healing

on Saturday, 21 June 2014. Posted in General

Gwenolye Duirwoods Uses Sound for Healing

One of the truly talented artists to use MaxDuplication services is Gwenolye Duirwoods. Gwenolye is unique because she uses her musical abilities to heal people and make them feel more at ease. Her journey began in France, where she grew up. Her focus has always been on the interaction between invisible desires and visible reality.

As a teenager, Gwenolye was plagued by a nagging feeling that there was more to life than what she had learned from her family and school. Aside from knowing that materialism was not a source of happiness, she did not know what path her life should take.

One of her first major inspirations was a book about intuition by Shakti Gawain. The book added to her interest in taking a spiritual perspective. Specifically, Gwenolye was and still is fascinated with the invisible part of our selves that can support and guide us. She has tapped into this and has used it as a guiding force in her life.

Gwenolye left France when she was drawn to the United States, where she spent many years and learned much. Now, she lives in the United Kingdom, where she devotes her attention to grounding and manifesting.

Shamanism is the big key to unlocking the doors in Gwenolye’s life. Using her experiences, her creativity, and her path, she started exploring her life connectors in 2007. Based on her knowledge that nothing is as it seems, she started creating forest scenes intended to take the viewer on a journey to trigger the imagination.

From the forest scenes, many exciting creative outlets followed, including creation of a deck. Gwenolye also leads workshops.

Recently, Gwenolye’s newest endeavor caused her path to intersect with MaxDuplication. Sound has always played an important part in her life, since she is so involved with shamanism. For sound healing, she is combining her drum, vocal, and rattles experience with tuning forks, bells, crystal and Tibetan bowls, and other sound instruments.

With her sonic massages, Gwenolye uses sound to create deep inner peace and great soothing by slowly playing a Tibetan bowl that is moved around the body. This supports the balancing and harmonizing of one’s energy and chakras.

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