Free Artwork Design Service

on Thursday, 09 May 2013. Posted in General

The free artwork design service from MaxDuplication gives you a chance to have your artwork created without having to worry about learning complicated design applications, or worrying about file formats and phrases such as JPG, PDF and DPI's

MaxDuplication tries to stand out from the crowd and find unique ways to offer extra service to its clients. Many people were having trouble with how to create and design their artwork and were finding it expensive to pay a professional designer.

Many companies charge to design your artwork and even charge if they have to make small amendments to it, as MaxDuplication the whole process is free of charge allowing you to concentrate on creating your music or data.

Our professional design service will help ensure that you get the perfect, polished look you are looking for.

Make Your Design Stand Out

Although its perfectly acceptable to have a plain disc with just some text or wording on it, nothing stands out like colour. Making a colorful disc using a photograph or vibrant colours adds to the professional look of the finished product.

MaxDuplication's free design service is created specially to make sure that our customers are getting exactly what they want. You can make as many revisions to the design that you like until you are happy with the final look.

If you want to design it yourself

  • Make sure your text is large enough to read, but not so large that it will overwhelm the space on your disk.
  • Do not put any text within 3mm of the edge of the disk and avoid putting any media whatsoever in an area that would be cut off by the hole in the disc.
  • Make sure you are using high resolution images that will be easy to see and create a quality looking print. It is recommended that artwork is 300 dpi.

If you already have artwork such as a company logo or text that you have used in other areas of your business, email them to us and we will lay them out on our templates to show you what they will look like.