Feckin Ejits Reunite in Honor of Bandmate’s Passing

on Saturday, 21 June 2014. Posted in General

Feckin Ejits Reunite in Honor of Bandmate’s Passing

In honor of their recently deceased bandmate, the former punk rock band Feckin Ejits has reunited to once again play. Originally formed in 1984 in Aylesbury, the Ejits have returned as a tribute to guitarist Alex Morison, who died of cancer last year at 52 years old. They will return with a different lineup from what the five piece band performed with during their heyday in the ‘80s, when they played countless gigs and even caught the attention of legendary punk photographer Gavin Watson.

In the mid-‘80s the Ejits built up quite a following, attracting skinheads, flattops, punks, and just about every other sort of youth everywhere they went. Due to the infectious party atmosphere they always created when they took the stage, the Ejits were never out of place. They shared the stage with a wide assortment of acts, including the Pogues, the Vibrators, Dr. Feelgood, King Kurt, and many more. The newly reunited Feckin Ejits are expected to pick up right where they left off.

Since former bassist Dez Bhatt and drummer Dave Wood no longer live close enough for the reunion, the reunion lineup consists of Dan Goodger on Bass, Jez Scott and Neil Ledbury on guitar, Aiden Stirling as lead singer, and Ian Coe on drums. Aiden and Neil made the decision to get the band back together after Alex’s passing.

In June this year, they were invited to take part in Brighton’s Big Skinhead Reunion after they recruited some new faces and rehearsed a few times. As news of the reunion has spread, the Ejits have also added on gigs in Dorset, Ireland, and Aylesbury this year as well. To help fight cancer, the Ejits recorded a cover of “Cardiac Arrest” by Madness for the album “Mad Not Cancer.” All of the proceeds from this album will go to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

In addition, the revitalised line up has also begun work on new material, including an homage to their past called Reunion Song. You can watch the video for this new song, which jumped to number three on the iTunes video charts. To press this new material, the Ejits have enlisted the help of MaxDuplication.